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Nancy Bush - Guest Instructor


Skein Lane Knitter's Retreat

                                      Nancy Bush

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Nancy Bush is the author of Knitting on the Road (Interweave Press, 2001), Folk Knitting in Estonia (Interweave Press, 1999) and Folk Socks (Interweave Press, 1994). She has published articles and designs in Interweave Knits, PieceWork, Spin*Off, Vogue Knitting, and Knitter's magazines. Owner of the Wooly West, a mail-order source for knitters, Nancy lectures and teaches workshops worldwide. (From the cover of Vintage Knits).

Nancy has joined us for several Skein Lane retreats.

October 2009

September 2006 - We gathered on Friday evening in the great dining room at Marconi Conference Center to begin our weekend of knitting friendship and learning. On Saturday morning we began our weekend class - Vintage Socks/Old Tricks for New Socks - with a discussion of the patterns that were written for sock and stocking knitting in the 19th century, drawing extensively from the Weldon's Practical Needlework journals.  We looked at styles that were popular and how they translate into modern times.  Nancy also discussed the patterns, how they were written and how best to translate them into 21st century knitting language.

Some of the participants worked a sock sampler and some of us embarked on the beginnings of a pair of socks. And yes, one of us got one sock complete. Congratulations to Terry Pace.

Thank you to Nancy....she brings so much knitting history, knitting technique and friendship to share.

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