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Skein Lane Know How

Every month in our e-newsletter, we offer our readers a hot tip we call Skein Lane Know How, collected here for easy reference.

Nothing to do but rip down those rows ! (March 2006)

Zip It up! (February 2006)

Hand Wash Doesn't Mean Hard Work! (January 2006)

Knitting Encouragement (December 2005)

Yarn cutter for the knitting basket (November 2005)

One way to help survivors of the hurricanes (October 2005)

Take care of your stitching hands, wrists and arms (September 2005)

Blending Yarns of Different Dyelots (August 2005)

Three Needle Bind Off Tips (July 2005)

Purl 2 Together Bind Off (June 2005)

The Russian Join (May 2005)

Our customers are one of the best sources of helpful tips - please share your favorite helpful knit, crochet, stitch or fiber tip - we welcome your suggestions!  Skein Lane staff chooses winning tips from the entries. If your tip is chosen, we'll mention you in the newsletter with gratitude, and you'll even receive a prize!  Please make your submissions by email

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