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About Bamboo

Bamboo is one of the newer fibers available to knitters and crocheters. It is derived from bamboo pulp fiber, often the by product of the manufacturing of other kinds of bamboo products. Bamboo fiber is purportedly made using a environmentally friendly processes.

Fiber Properties

While the yarn spun from bamboo is not very elastic, it is exceptionally soft and drapy Bamboo fabric is starting to make it onto runways and the garments are known for being very comfortable, cool and light. Garments made from bamboo demonstrate some elasticity. This may depend somewhat on how the yarn is spun, and the knitting stitch used.

Bamboo fiber absorbs water easily, which also makes it highly dyeable into many color choices.

Fabric and garments made from bamboo fiber are said to have an anti-bacterial quality, making it ideal for many applications. Bamboo is now made into cutting boards and flooring materials. Yarn made from it is being used for towel and clothing fabrics for babies.


Initial indications are that as a yarn, bamboo can be a hard wearing fiber. This largely depends on the quality of the starting fibers and the yarn's structure. But it seems to have many many applications for spinners, knitters, weavers as well as the domestic applications mentioned above.

More and more bamboo fibers and fabrics are coming out onto the market, so time will tell us more about how it is received. Those of us who have knit or crochet with bamboo have really enjoyed it.


Always read and use the care instructions on your yarn's label. If you need help interpreting the symbols used on the label, check our Yarn Label Symbols page.

It is best to hand wash bamboo. Skein Lane recommends using a "wool wash" product such as Eucalan, and tepid water (not cold); it's not just for wools. Never use Woolite, as it contains a bleaching agent that can discolor your yarn.

Although bamboo is a very strong fiber, do not wring or twist the wet item. Wrap in a towel and gently squeeze out the excess water before laying flat to dry.


Some popular bamboo yarns at Skein Lane Studio are:

  • Southwest Trading Company.....Banboo


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