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How We Knit

Have you noticed that everyone knits differently?

Though there are some things that you have to do to make a stitch, how you get there varies quite a bit. There are many ways to hold the yarn and everyone has different preferences about needles. Some of us are English knitters, holding the working yarn with our right hands. And many people knit Continental, where the working yarn is held with the left hand. Some are lefties, others are righties.

In most cases, the way you knit depends on who taught you. Skein Lane doesn't advocate any one method of knitting; ultimately, every knitter decides what is the most comfortable style for them. But you may want to try out other ways, and you can have a look at how some knitters knit here. We are always happy to demonstrate different methods and styles so that knitters can choose.

We celebrate the uniqueness of everyone's knitting style here with a collection of little movies of knitters knitting.

Click on a photo or name below to view their knitting movie. "Continental" knitters below are indicated by a * after their names.

Knitting on her Sonoma Poncho using Twisted Sister's Voodoo yarn.
Knitting an intarsia swatch using Shetland Wool in preparation for a sweater in the Green Mountain Spinnery book.
Knitting a swatch in a yarn she wanted to try out.
Knitting on a multicolored worsted weight yarn. She is making a sweater for herself.

Knitting on a brightly colored striped sock that uses up all the colors of yarn left over from making other socks.
Knitting a ribbed tank top using Cascade's Pima Cotton, until her cat jumps in her lap.
Knitting on a brightly colored Vivien Hoxbro sweater, using domino knitting techniques.
Knitting a swatch using Crystal Palace's new yarn Punk.

Merrily *
Knitting a lacy poncho using a multicolored rayon yarn.
P.J. *

Knitting a swatch in preparation for making a sweater in Knitter's magazine.


Knitting a pair of socks using a multicolored merino wool.
Knitting a mitten using two soft and fluffy yarns with big needles.

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