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Skein Lane & Our Community

September 2010

There is a lot of community knitting to help those in need either with garments or fund raising. Some of those are:

  • Janie Cavalli continues to lead charity knitting sessions with local yarn shop, K2tog
  • Retreater Bets made us aware of our organization she serves. Shepherd's Gate
  • Helmet Liners continue to be needed for our troups. Copy this url and paste in your browser. Note: this pdf has the send to address.


From our 2007 Archives....

Dear Skein Lane Knitters and Crocheters,

October 2007

While at our Skein Lane Knitting Retreat, we were contacted to support a project for the Breast Cancer Emergency Fund. Janie Cavalli and Lyda McAuliff led us in knitting "Noni" bags to support this project called "This Old Bag". The patterns were donated by designer Nora Bellows and some yarn was donated by K2tog. In addition to the Noni bags, Skein Lane knitting workshopper, Kimberly Ligocki, donated a bag that she had handknit - The Bella Bag. All the bags were on display at K2tog for the week after September 16.Note that 100% of the proceeds support The Breast Cancer Emergency Fund (BCEF).

The Harlequin Pill Box Bag was knit and felted by Janie Cavalli, leader of the Skein Lane/K2TOG Community Knitters.  The finishing work including the silk lining was done by her sister Lyda McAuliff.  This bag is not available commercially. Janie also knit and felted the Majolica Bag. Janie's needles were really clicking!


Harlequin Pill BoxHarlequin Pill BoxMajolica BagBella Bag

               Harlequin Pill Box                     Majolica Bag                  Bella Bag

                 The Harlequin Pill Box Bag was donated in loving memory of our mothers.

                                    Marty Long, mother of Carolyn Pugh

                       Patricia McAuliff, mother of Janie Cavalli and Lyda McAuliff

Since April 2001, BCEF has been providing emergency financial assistance to San Francisco’s low-income women and men battling breast cancer. BCEF has awarded over 650 grants, helping our clients pay their rent, utilities and medical bills when they were too sick to work.  

Janie, Lyda and Carolyn



From our 2006 archives.....

Dear Skein Lane Knitters and Crocheters,

On behalf of all of us who have been knitting chemo caps, helmet liners and baby hats, I

want to thank Carolyn for the support she has given to our projects over the years.  The letters and notes we have received from the hospital staff, the people who have received our hats and the troops who received our helment liners are a testimony to the good we have accomplished.  I am very blessed and happy to have been able to meet each of you and thank you for your generous contribtuions to our projects. I know that we all join together to wish Carolyn much happiness in the next stage of her life.  We are not saying good-bye to each other but saying "Happy trails to you, until we meet again".  It is a small world and I know our paths will continue to cross.

Thank you once again,

Janie Cavalli



Thanks to the Chiron Knitters
for their donation of hand-knit chemo caps and mittens this spring.

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