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The community of Skein Lane customers is truly wonderful. Our customers are kids, teens and adults of all ages. Some are brand new and many are returning stitchers. Busy career people, parents and students, men and women. Our customers have all kinds of other past-times too, such as quilting, scrapbooking and beading. Most of all, our customers are amazing in their love of yarn, knitting,and crochet.

It is a delight to see all of the accomplishments that stitchers are experiencing: the yarn choices and combinations, the skills demonstrated, the innovations.

Customers are generous and warm people. Most often, they are making gifts for friends or loved ones, and even for people they don’t even know. Every day, they teach others about the joys of stitching. When our customers bring their projects to Skein Lane for assistance, they often share the story of the sweater, afghan, socks or whatever the needles and fingers have created.. They tell us who it’s for, why they chose the yarn, who taught them to knit or when they learned to crochet.

Join as at our workshops - to learn, share and create! And check out our online store which is in its infancy as October 2010


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