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                                             In Memoriam

In memory of all those who have touched our lives....I began this page in memory of my mom and my knitting friend, Sandy. And now I add my girl dog, Breezy.

Our lives are full of many meaningful relationships which often includes animals. My dear dog, Breezy, recently had to leave. She was 10+ years old. She was diagnosed with an aggressive spleen cancer that was confirmed when she had surgery to remove the tumor. She lived for only 2 more weeks after that surgery. Bless her dog heart!

One of my knitting friends said it so eloquently, "She was definitely 'one of the girls' at Skein Lane.  Even though she wasn't allowed in the room with us, you knew she was listening to the conversation and would throw in a low growling 'comment' at the right moment."...Fall 2008

Today.. December 20, 2008 I received a most wonderful present and letter from my vet staff...a plaster pawprint of Breezy. It was just the most thoughtful gift! I miss my girl!


My girl, Breezy


With the recent death of our knitting friend Sandy Olson, I realize that I would like to create a memory page and in that spirit I begin this page in memory of my mother, Marty Long, and knitting friend, Sandy Olson....Summer 2007


Mom - Marty LongSandy Olson

                                      Marty Long              Sandy Olson

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