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                             "yarns" heard at the knitting table!


Almost every week...and several times during the week I have the pleasure of hearing the best things from knitters...and I want to share some of those at random with you....and stayed tuned for sound...that will be coming soon...and then this will be all the more enjoyable.


  • Shari is knitting a baby blanket in seed stitch on size 3 needles..."If I believed in heaven and hell, then I would be in knitting hell!"
  • Margot recently said, "I've made an executive decision: design change/error,  and it's not up for review!" Margot's delivery always puts into laughter!   


  • I said recently, "Where did that stitch go? THAT'S AMAZING!"
  • PJ says, "If I ever get this done, I'll be wearing it all the time!"
  • Carol says, "my approach to knitting socks is to watch other make them!"
  • "Carolyn told me to rip it out and I went pale!"   (She did rip out.)
  • "My favorite stitch is going backwards."
  • "I overshot the heel flap."  
  • ...going around the heel..."I'm really looking forward to that."
  • As one of the knitters was ripping back, we decided that she was making yarn.
  • "There should be a law against knots in yarn!"
  • "Oh, should I have my glasses on?"
  • "Oh, Carolyn! There's a funny thread here!"


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