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Skein Lane Customer Models - Brown Sheep's Cotton Fleece

Carolyn notes - Cotton Fleece is one of my favorite yarns for several reasons:

  • I live in Northern California and it is rarely very cold here....and I have my own life-long hot internal thermometer. I remember in my 20's when I was the only one during the winter wearing sleeveless dresses...can you imagine dresses? I'm not even sure I own one now...oh well I do but rarely wear them!
  • The yarn is a pleasure to knit...even though sometimes it wants to split...but show the yarn who the "boss" is and you will be pleased with the results.
  • Even though the label says hand wash, I always wash a project knit with this yarn in the washing machine on the gentle cycle. Then I throw into the dryer on fluff for just a few minutes...and I mean a few...before I lay it out to dry.
  • Great color, great yarn,and a great supplier!
  • ....and check out Janie's first sweater as well as the Tomten Jacket knit for my new nephew Carson....both knit with Brown Sheep's Cotton Fleece.
  • ..and more - Maurie's Heart Blanket knit with Cotton Fleece - design from Fiber Trends pattern CH-24.

Be sure to click through the photo to read the story behind the project!

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