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Lion Brand Yarn Vintage Styles for Today:  More Than 50 Patterns to Knit and Crochet, by Nancy J. Thomas (Editor), Charlotte Quiggle (Editor)


     Lion Brand has done us classic knitters a great favor by delving into their catalog of patterns from the past.  These patterns look good with fresh pictures and updated yarns.  Some of the great classic patterns look pretty good even now.  The vintage picture of a dog sweater on page 100 is appealing for any generation.  And, the modern friendly dog on page 101 looks even more appealing in an easy to knit dog sweater.  The stitch pattern chart is easy to read.  I'll bet the vintage pattern didn't have a stitch chart.  I love a knitting chart!

     A few pictures from the 50's and 60's make me blanch, but the new colors and yarns make the classics look great.  Nothing beats having directions that are easy to read and stitch charts where needed.  Pamela's stole on page 64 wouldn't appeal to me from the vintage 50's muddy gray picture.  Can you dig the model's cast iron hairdo?  However, the lovely rendition of the stole, in a multi-color nylon ribbon, is a delight for the modern knitter.  Red Hot slippers on page 116 look so-so in a muddy gray photo.  The color photo on page 167 shows how nice the basket weave pattern is and how luscious the loop pattern is on the cuffs.  I've seen this loop pattern on Kimberly's purses.  (Kimberly is another knitter in the Skein Lane Community; check our her purses at the store and/or wherever you can find them.  I'm glad this vintage pattern got resurrected!

     A few tidbits of info:  The back pages have a few techniques but mostly there are vintage patterns written in modern instructions, not how to.  The cover is sturdy so that the book will survive a lot of thumbing through.  The index lists items by easy patterns and intermediate patterns.  Yarn suggestions are all Lion Brand yarn, but we modern knitters how how to substitute yarns.  We may pick classic yarns in classic colors, but we may want modern fibers in mod colors.  We can choose the best from the past and current.  What a great time to be a knitter!



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