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About Cashmere

The downy undercoat of goats has long been a prized fiber. Originally the fiber was produced only in the Indian state of Kashmir, but today the goats are ranched all over the world.

The fiber is so fine, that only a quarter to a half pound of cashmere fiber can be produced by a single goat each year. The fiber is hidden within a protective layer of guard hair. Separating the cashmere from the guard hairs is a difficult process, which drives the production costs of this fiber.

Fiber Properties

Super light, cashmere also has a short staple, is easy to spin into yarn. It is perhaps best for the knitter when blended with other fibers, as it enhances both fibers. 

Cashmere takes dyed easily and vividly.


Cashmere is often blended with wools and other yarns to enhance its strength, as well as keep costs down. The yarn industry has made it possible for everyone to knit with cashmere through blended yarns.

Suited to all kinds of projects, cashmere can and should be used in everything from hats and scarves, to sweaters and stoles.

Like wool, cashmere can be attacked by moths; store with mothballs if you can stand the smell. Otherwise, periodically put your yarn or garment in a plastic bag in the freezer for a 48 hours to kill moth larvae. You should also air out stored fibers in the sun every now and then.


Always read and use the care instructions on your yarn's label. If you need help with the symbols used on the label, check our Yarn Label Symbols page.

Generally, you can hand wash cashmere fibers, machine washing is usually not recommended. Skein Lane recommends using a "wool wash" product such as Eucalan, and tepid water (not cold). Never use Woolite, as it contains a bleaching agent that can discolor your yarn. You may add touch of hair conditioner to rinse water for extra softness.

Cashmere, like wool, is weaker when wet. Do not wring or twist the wet item. Wrap in a towel and gently squeeze out the excess water. Then lay the item flat to dry, out of direct sunlight.


Some popular cashmere and cashmere blend yarns at Skein Lane Studio are:


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